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March 1, 2016
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Suis-je éligible pour un visa L-1?

The L-1 visa es photo by tec_estrombergt issued to persons occupying an important position in a company as part of an internal transfer to this company. This visa is designed to facilitate the arrival of managers and business leaders, as well as people with specific skills. Contrary to common belief, these visas are reserved for commercial enterprises, they can also be granted to non-profit organizations, philanthropic, or religious.
In addition to the professional profile of the candidate, the other main criterion for eligibility this visa is to have been employed outside the United States by the parent company, branch or subsidiary of the company submitting the visa application for at least one uninterrupted year in the three years preceding the visa application .
US regulations define “manager” as someone who runs a function or supervises a company branch determines the purposes and practices of a structure, has a wide latitude in its decision making and receives only global directives of his superiors.
as for employees with specific skills, it is defined as someone with “product of the knowledge of the company and its place in the international market, or with detailed knowledge of processes and procedures of the company. “

Of course, these criteria must be interpreted in the light of each particular situations: Maitre Poudat is available to assess your eligibility or your employee to an L-1 visa at a consultation!